Will DeShazo
Marketing Coordinator

After graduating from The University of Alabama in 2013, Will began teaching individuals & business owners how to implement the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) into their financial plans.

Will started working with Russ Morgan in 2014 where he specialized in client management. Getting to know our clients wants and needs and fulfilling those same wants and needs are a passion of his.

 By 2015 he quickly realized that those swillfamame clients (and a whole lot more of the eager general pubic) needed more than just a “quarterly reminder” about Infinite Banking. From this point he quickly began coordinating monthly workshops, writing bi-weekly blogs and creating e-books, case studies and videos among other resources to educate the message & feeling that IBC provides to its policy owners. He has expanded upon his role of Marketing Coordinator to work along side Blueprint Financial Partners and you to pinpoint the best ways to teach you these same messages and feelings.

Will was born & raised in Homewood, AL where he is a longtime member of Trinity United Methodist Church. Aside from educating you, he enjoys traveling, backpacking through woods with his dog, Goose, and spending quality time with his niece, Lily, in Charlotte, NC.