Russ Morgan
Financial Coach

In 2008, with 4 years as a financial planner under his belt, he was stunned to see the DOW Jones Industrial plummet 800 points. He had no idea that the market could react in such a volatile manner, and even worse didn’t know what would stop it from happening again. From then on, he sought to understand what happened that day and more importantly why it happened. He believes people really need to make an effort to understand more about their money than they do so that they can take control of it back from others.russfam

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, Russ passionately helps people discover and learn the flow of money by teaching them what money is flowing into their control and what money is flowing out of their control. He then helps create a strategy so that more money is flowing into their control.

Since 2004 Russ have worked specifically with business owners to allow them to have more money to retain and utilize for the rest of their lives and future generations. He gives my clients direction, enhanced capabilities and increased confidence that today’s flow of cash and tomorrow’s retirement is taken care of.

Russ received his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Auburn University, where he met his wife Megan. Megan is a dentist and mother of their four children – Alexandria, Cate, Betsy & Ryan. You can regularly find them at Briarwood Presbyterian church.