Harris Doyle Homes Q&A



Why: Learn answers to some of the most common questions asked by your peers, a room full of builders.

How: Listen to Joey Mure & Russ Morgan walk you through 3 in depth answers to common questions about Infinite Banking.

What: Discover in less than 5 minutes how you can stop loan repayments, not owe principal & set up loans for mortgages all through your IBC policies.

Resource Summary

By now we are sure that you have seen the owners of Harris Doyle homes speak on how they have utilized their whole life policies within their business. But there is more!

During a dinner with Brooks & Russ of Harris & Doyle Homes we hosted a question & answer session with the business owner duo. Here Financial Coaches Joey Mure & Russ Morgan of Blueprint Financial Partner join Brooks Harris & Russ Doyle of Harris Doyle homes as they answer audience asked questions about Infinite Banking.

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